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DWARVEN GOLD DELUXE is a high -tech, high value -added, high -tech national high -tech enterprise, and is headquartered in Nanshan Science and Technology Park, Shenzhen.The company has been focusing on the research and development and production of various types of mask products since its establishment. It has many years of technology and experience in the Chinese mask industry. It is the only domestic mask version that can cover G2.5-G11's entire generation of production lines.

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the R & D, production and sales of various mask versions. The products are mainly used in industries such as tablet display, semiconductor, touch and circuit board.EssenceAfter years of technical accumulation and independent innovation, the company has the G2.5-G11's full-generation mask version production line, which can support all generation production lines of the manufacturer.Process node semiconductor mask manufacturing key core technologies to meet the needs of domestic advanced semiconductor chip packaging and semiconductor devices.

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