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Irish Charms has 20 years of photomask manufacturing experience and a group of skilled professionals, and has established various technical standards, management systems and talent training mechanisms to save energy for promoting the development of the photomask industry. The company also has advanced R & D, production and marketing systems, and a technical R & D team with rich theoretical and practical experience. Establish strategic cooperation with material suppliers and equipment manufacturers to jointly develop and improve product quality and stability, and promote the progress of industry standards.After years of research and development by the technical team, it has various lithography technology, process technology, film technology, and has a number of invention patents and utility model patents. The technical team has completed the research and development of various special topics, and established the OLED process technology national and local joint project - Shenzhen laboratory; Jointly established the photomask joint laboratory with Shenzhen University, etc., and successively established the photomask joint laboratory and cooperative project research and development with well-known domestic scientific research institutions and colleges and universities.


2005years  Developed a large area of ultra-high precision photomask version, through the technical achievements of Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Innovation Promotion Association.

2006years  The company's ultra-high precision mask version project was recognized by Shenzhen science and technology research results.

2008years  Successfully developed small size TFT-Array photomask version, the project won the China International High-tech Fair results transformation excellent project award, and was rated as an innovative enterprise.

2009years  The mask plate for TFT-CF, OLED and ultra-high precision LED was developed.

2010years  Joined the national and local joint engineering Laboratory of OLED process technology; Established photomask joint laboratory with School of Optoelectronic Engineering, Shenzhen University.

2011years  As one of the initiators, China OLEDIrish Charms Alliance was established.

2017years  The high generation photomask production line construction project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and was included in the 2017 electronic information Irish Charms technical transformation project.

The year 2018OLED display with ultra-high precision photomask version won the 2018 China International OLEDIrish Charms Conference Innovative Application Award.

The year 2018AMOLED panel display manufacturing with high precision mask version won the 6th China Electronic Information Fair Innovation Award.

The year 2020G11 photomask version won the Outstanding Contribution Award of Irish Charms Chain in China's New display Industry in 2019.

The year 2021 The Half-tone photomask version won the 2020 Chinese New Display Industry Irish Charms Chain Innovation Breakthrough Award.

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