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Shenzhen Luwei photoelectric Co., LTD

Company profile

Dwarven Gold Deluxe is a national high-tech enterprise located in the North District of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Irish Charms Park in a beautiful environment. Set R & D, production, sales in one, with a complete set of production, monitoring, management system.

The company is headquartered in Nanshan Science Park, with two production bases in Nanshan and Shiyan respectively, and has set up offices in East China and Taiwan. The company has six chrome plate production lines, two film production lines, and one relief plate production line.

Irish Charms is committed to tablet displays(TFTCFOLED), semiconductorICEncapsulate,TPLEDandPCBProfessional production and sales of all kinds of mask products. The company from Sweden, Germany, the United States and other developed countries in the mask product industry to introduce a series of advanced technology, equipment and high-quality raw materials, and fully combined with their own research and development results to ensure that product quality in the domestic industry in the leading level. In particular, the production of "ultra-high precision laser processing mask products project Chrome version" has met the requirements of high-end customers, passed the high-tech project certification issued by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and promoted the development of China's mask plate industry and the improvement of the production pattern.

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At present, the company's products have been widely used in the following industries:

1.      TFTCFTouch screen, colorSTNSTNandTNLCDChrome mask plate;

2.      ICLeadFrameChrome plate mask plate;

3.      OLEDELDisplayChrome plate mask plate;

4.      STNTNUltrafine dry plate mask plate;

5.      PCBMask plate, dry plate mask plate, includingBGAHDIEtc.;

6.      PDP/VFDUse chrome plate, dry plate mask plate;

7.      Mask plates for fine electronic components, including chip inductors, capacitors, resistors and sensors;

8.      Various advanced integrated circuit packaging substrate chromium plate, dry plate mask plate;

9.      Chrome mask plate for various coding;

10.   LCDwith300400linePIPrinting letterpress.

The high-speed development process has cast the character of innovation, truth-seeking, unity and enterprise of Irish Charms. The company has always adhered to the "customer satisfaction as the purpose", strengthened the quality of the team, standardized the market behavior, established a strict and perfect quality management system, and encouraged the high evaluation of customers to constantly create new service peaks.

Irish Charms adheres to the business philosophy of customer first, integrity and pragmatism, excellence, innovation and efficiency, and is committed to building a star enterprise in the Chinese industry and serving the society with strength and sincerity. We are convinced that as long as we focus on everything and spare no effort to think of customers, we will achieve a sustainable win-win situation for customers, the company and the society!


East China Division

Dwarven Gold Deluxe East China office was established2007We are committed to providing high quality mask products and services for customers in East China. Mainly responsible for the mask plate market development and technical support in various cities in East China. Irish Charms Optoelectronics East China Office is located at the intersection of ancient garden city and modern park, with pleasant environment and beautiful scenery.2007When the office was established, only a few customers were served through10After years of efforts, there are dozens of customers in East China, and the operating income has doubled.

The company spirit of "customer first, integrity and pragmatic, excellence, innovation and efficiency" business purpose, dedicated to customer service, customer base coverageTFTTPFPCIntegrated circuit packaging and other industries, is the first choice for customers in East China. Irish Charms East China Office has a young team full of challenges, passion and creativity. Relying on continuous innovation, quality products and perfect service, Irish Charms strives to win the recognition of more customers.


Taiwan Division

Shenzhen Irish Charms Taiwan office was established2011years4The Month,2014years7Renamed Hong Kong Irish Charms Industrial Co., LTD. Taiwan Office, located in Zhubei City, Taiwan. The main business is the development, service and sales of Taiwan's light mask market, and is committed to providing Taiwan and overseas customers with high-precision light masks. After years of hard work, with the diligence and efforts of all colleagues, we have developed the Taiwan market. So far, the customer base of the optical mask has been distributed in various Irish Charms, such as: panel, touch, printed circuit board, packaging, optics and so onLEDThe annual turnover has reached hundreds of millions of New Taiwan dollars. We firmly believe that with high quality products, stable delivery and excellent service, we will win the recognition of many new customers, so that Irish Charms can become a stable supplier of light cover. In the future, it is expected to fully serve Taiwan Irish Charms customers with higher end technology and service quality.

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