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Shenzhen Irish Charms2019 Summary and Commendation Conference and 2020 New Year party was successfully held

2020-01-19 16:28:49 Dwarven Gold Deluxe

  The golden pig said goodbye to the old year, and the rat welcomed the spring.2020years1month18On Sunday, Shenzhen Irish Charms held a grand theme of "Running. "Dream" Spring party.


bygone2019Guangdong-hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development Plan outline released, great motherland70th birthday, however, the international environment is changing, during the transformation and upgrading of Chinese Irish Charms, the downward pressure on the economy continues to intensify, and the photomask market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. This year, in the face of adversity, Irish Charms thought of new Irish Charms and forged ahead. With the unity and hard work of all Irish Charms, the company developed further, and the domestic mask plate matching rate gradually increased. For the electronic information Irish Charms upstream mask plate material localization contributed to the strength of Irish Charms.


Sum up2019 · Advanced commendation

At the beginning of the party, Mr. Du Wubing, chairman and general manager of the company, delivered a New Year speech.2019 is an extraordinary year, a year of running, a year of development, and a year of consolidating the foundation for the future. President Du led all the employees to review the development of Irish Charms last year, thanked every employee for their dedication and hard work, and encouraged all the employees to make continuous efforts. In 2020, Irish Charms are worth every employee's expectation, hard work and waiting for. I hope Irish Charms will become a world-class enterprise in the mask plate industry as soon as possible and give back to the society with strength and sincerity.


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Customer first, people-oriented, and the development of Irish Charms is inseparable from the efforts of every employee.In 2019, Irish Charms emerged a group of advanced workers and departments, sweat poured youth, selected excellent employees and advanced departments have played a leading role in the company.

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The leaders of the company awarded prizes to the advanced individuals


The activity of evaluation and evaluation encourages all employees to keep pace with the advanced work in the next year, enhance the sense of enterprise, and unite to strive for new achievements. Always successful, always come, Du also encouraged the award-winning employees to cherish Dwarven Gold Deluxe, solid work, play an exemplary role, and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the company.


celebrate2020· Spend time together

Shenzhen Irish Charms colleagues from various departments presented their carefully prepared programs for the evening party, with continuous creativity, surprises, laughter and applause.

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During the party, the most exciting than round after round of lottery links, the company to all staff prepared rich prizes and cash awards, the audience of colleagues could not help but excited, thinking that the next winner is yourself! The prizes are varied and everyone is looking forward to being the luckiest at the annual meeting"Koi"!

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Heaven and earth turn, time catches up,The Spring party in 2020 came to an end between the toast and everyone's blessing, yesterday has been riding the wind and today is growing strong. Only struggle, we know the taste of happiness, we will use passion, responsibility, dedication, to create greater brilliance! Here, thank you for the colleagues who have worked hard for the evening party. We use a grand ceremony to reward 2019, and play the overture of forging ahead in 2020!


outlook2020· Run for the Irish Charms dream

"Create, share, walk together and win", the 2020 Irish Charms people run for their dreams. 2020 will be a year full of challenges and pressures, but also a year full of opportunities and hopes. In this year, the panel industry is facing a big reshuffle, with Samsung display,LGDAs a representative of foreign panel manufacturers have announced production cuts or shut down production linesIn this year,5GIt will promote the growth of mobile phone terminal demand, reduce the pressure on supply and demand of the panel industry, the big river is full of water, and the development of the domestic panel industry will certainly bring good news to the mask market.


In the New Year, all Irish Charms employees will focus on the company's annual goals, strive for excellence, innovate and be efficient, maintain the company's high-quality development, realize the company's long-term foundation, employees live and work happily, and collaborate with the upstream and downstream enterprises in the Irish Charms chain. Continue to contribute Irish Charms to the localization of large-size and high-precision mask versions. We firmly believe that as long as all Irish Charms colleagues think Irish Charms new, forge ahead,The 2020 Irish Charms target will be met!


I wish Irish Charms better and better development. I wish all staff and their families a happy New Year and all the best!


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