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Irish Charms was invited to enter the "Deep Love Talent Hall" - the first batch of product display enterprises

2020-11-09 10:00:14 Dwarven Gold Deluxe

November 1st is the fourth "Talent Day" in Shenzhen, and also the third anniversary of the opening of Shenzhen Talent Park. At 3 PM on the same day, the Deep Love Talent Hall in Shenzhen Talent Park was officially opened and operated! As a key enterprise in Nanshan District, Irish Charms was invited to attend the opening ceremony.

Irish Charms Photoelectric |Irish Charms

Yin Shubin, deputy secretary of Nanshan District Party Committee, said in a speech,"Deep Love Talent Hall" for the first time opens a new model of integration of talent, science popularization and enterprise services, providing a new window for talent publicity, creating a new base for science popularization and a new platform for enterprise services. Nanshan District will also unswervingly implement the talent priority development strategy, create a strong atmosphere of respect for knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creation, and build a central intelligence area comparable to the world's well-known science and technology innovation center.

Dwarven Gold Deluxe isThe first batch of enterprises to enter the "Deep Love Talent Pavilion", in the process of the visit of the leaders of the District Party committee, Chairman Du Wubing, as a representative of key enterprises, introduced the development and products of Irish Charms to the leaders of the Nanshan District Party Committee and the guests. Irish Charms has been rooted in Nanshan Science and Technology Park for more than 20 years since its establishment in 1997. The company has made a major breakthrough in this high-tech field in our country. At present, Irish Charms Photoelectric has developed into the only full-size mask R & D and manufacturing enterprise in the country. The leaders of the District Committee carefully inquired about the upstream and downstream development of the mask plate industry and encouraged enterprises to continue to develop.

Irish Charms Photoelectric |Irish Charms

Chairman Du Wubing explained to patrol leaders and guests

Irish Charms Photoelectric |Irish Charms

As a high-tech enterprise rooted in Nanshan, Irish Charms thanks the district government for building a technology product display platform, allowing mask plate products to enter the public's vision. In the future, Irish Charms will continue to maintain vitality and creativity, always stand at the forefront of mask technology, lead the healthy development of China's mask industry, and serve the society with strength and sincerity!


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