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Hood Vision · Core Connection - Irish Charms Optoelectronics was invited to attend SEMICON China 2021

2021-03-19 17:30:13 Dwarven Gold Deluxe

3month17solstice3month19Day,SEMICON ChinaIt was successfully held at Shanghai New International Expo Center.SEMICON ChinaIt is an annual event for China's semiconductor industryTransboundary global·Core connectionThe theme includes the major equipment and material manufacturers in the semiconductor manufacturing field in the world today. attracttheFrom the world over1000Home exhibitor, more50000A professional audience will attend this oneprofessionPageant.


Irish Charms OptoelectronicsExhibit on scheduleprofessionGrand meetingSince its establishment, it has been actively promotedPhotomask productsResearch and development and production,Fully supporting the domestic high generation, new display and semiconductor Irish Charms.Irish Charms OptoelectronicsActive exhibitors every year, with many yearsTechnology in the photomask industryaccumulateAnd industry recognitionA clean and simple booth with a sense of designAttract many visitors to stop and ask questionscommunication, the SiteprofessionThe audience kept coming

Irish Charms Photoelectric |Irish Charms

Irish Charms Photoelectric boothN1-1531

With the full recovery of Chinese semiconductor Irish Charms, the precision development of mask plate products in the future also tends to be refined, and Irish Charms photoelectric was mainly displayed at the exhibitionICIn the future, we will focus on promoting the development and production of high-precision semiconductor masks

Irish Charms Photoelectric |Irish Charms

An endless stream of visitors

During the exhibition, the staff of Irish Charms, with rich knowledge reserves, excellent professional quality, and warm service attitude, introduced our company's core products and advanced technology to visitors in detail.

Irish Charms Photoelectric |Irish Charms

The staff explained enthusiastically

Irish Charms will continue in the futureAdhering to high quality and efficient products as wellCustomer firstService concept,For the clientfurnishHigh precision products and high quality serviceThink Irish Charms new, ExploitForge aheadforAdvance new displayAnd semiconductor industryLocalization of upstream key materialsAnd continue to help. (Contributed by General Manager Office)

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