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We walk hand in hand, all the way spring flowers

2023-03-06 10:18:18 Dwarven Gold Deluxe

Spring in March, all things recover, years quiet good.

At the beginning of 2023, we finally bid farewell to the novel coronavirus epidemic that has raged for three years, and our work and life have gradually returned to the normal track. In the work, we walk hand in hand, unite and cooperate, work hard, and strive to make up for the lost back; In life, we calm down and pick up the happy times we once had. In this spring season, in order to enrich the spare time life of all employees, strengthen physical exerciseEnhance team cohesion, company unionOrganized an outdoor activity in Yangmei Pit. Under the planning and organization of Chairman Liu of the trade union, the members of the trade union quickly fulfilled their duties and implemented every work of the activity.

On March 4, we arrived as promised, and walked all the way to Yangmei Pit, which is said to be the most beautiful valley in Shenzhen. In the morning, we walked along the corridor, the mountains and seas reflected, the blue water next to the sky, looking up at the mountains, overlooking and listening to the Tao, the mood suddenly became the sea and the sky......At noon, everyone began to reach the top of the mountain, and there was a sense of hunger. Everyone quickly settles down and begins to enjoy the comfort and supreme cuisine of this hideaway. There is a popular saying "fish eat jump", which means that a second before cooking, the fish is still alive and kicking, which is absolutely the best food. Right now, as we sit in the dining room at the very top of the sunset,Enjoying the sea view and the warm sea breeze,While enjoying the farmer's fresh seafood from the sea and the most local delicious chickenHow beautiful!

Blue sky, white clouds,The beach, the waves, the yachts, and the tourists who came and went constituted a beautiful picture. Everyone was so absorbed in the beach at the foot of the restaurant that they forgot the time to return to the team unless Chairman Liu reminded them. The wind was up, the sea was set off layers of waves, we took the return speedboat was lifted high, and then fell to the sea, we shouted heartily, as if to work and life troubles all thrown in this pieceIn the sea

The first group building after the epidemic was a joy,Happiness is short lived, butIn the hearts of every colleague left a touch of beautiful Irish Charms blue.A surnameSir, thanks to the union,We continue to work hard to move forward, looking forward to next time together!

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