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Cross -border Global · Heart Core Link — IRish Charms Optoelectronics Semiconfpd China 2023

2023-07-02 10:16:18 Dwarven Gold Deluxe

         From June 29th to July 1st, Irish Charms appeared at the SemiconFPD China 2023 industry event.Semiconfpd China 2023, with the theme of "cross -border global · heart core", opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.The exhibition area reaches 90,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,100 exhibitors from the world, more than 4,200 booths, and more than 20 meetings and activities in the same period. The scale of this exhibition reached a new high.Semiconfpd China 2023 covers the chip design, manufacturing, seal testing, equipment, materials, photovoltaic, display and other all Irish Charms chains, becoming the world's largest and most influential semiconductor professional exhibition!

Irish Charms Optoelectronics | Irish Charms

Since its establishment, Irish Charms has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of mask version.After years of technical accumulation and independent innovation, the company has the production capacity of the G2.5-G11's entire generation of mask, which can support the plate production line of the manufacturer, and achieve the semiconductor mask production of the 180nm and above process nodes, and obtain it and obtain it.The 150nm process node semiconductor mask version manufacturing key core technology,Can meet the needs of domestic advanced semiconductor packaging and semiconductor devices.In terms of G11 ultra -high -generation mask version, high -precision high -precision semi -tone mask version and optical resistance coating, the company has broken the long -term monopoly of foreign manufacturers.It is of great significance for the process and gradually realizing import substitution.

Irish CHARMS Optoelectronics takes dazzling technology blue as the main color.product,Attracted many Chinese and foreign visitors to come, stop and ask for exchangesEssenceexhibitionDuring the meeting, Irish Charms workers used rich professional knowledge, excellent occupational literacy, andThe enthusiastic service attitude introduces the core products and advanced technologies of our company to the visitors. A total of more than 1,000 visitors will receive visitors.

Irish Charms Optoelectronics | Irish Charms

Three -daySEMICON/FPDAlthough the China 2023 exhibition has been closed, the mission of Irish Charms is still long -term.Irish Charms will take the opportunity to successfully log in to the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Board,Continue to deeply cultivate the field of mask version, to seize opportunities, seize opportunities, welcome challenges, accelerate development, and provide customers with the best quality products and services. At the same timeThe concept integrates into the development strategy of the enterprise, increases scientific and technological innovation, and has made positive contributions to the localization of key materials in the upstream of the new display and the upstream of the semiconductor industry and the solution to the "card neck technology" in the industry.

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