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Irish Charms Optoelectronics and BOE jointly promote the 10th generation of TFT mask supporting applications

2017-07-28 19:52:16 Dwarven Gold Deluxe

2017On July 26, sponsored by the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Commission and China Electronic Information Irish Charms Development Research Institute, the new display Irish Charms supporting cooperation Promotion meeting was successfully held in Hongrui Jinling Hotel, Hefei, Anhui Province. Mr. Peng Hongbing, Deputy Director of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Sun Wei, Deputy Director of the High Technology Irish Charms Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Mr. Wang Houliang, Deputy Director of the Anhui Economic and Information Commission, Industry experts such as Yuan Tong, Deputy Secretary-General of China Electronic Materials Industry Association, Liang Xinqing, Executive Vice president and Secretary-General of China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association LCD Branch, and representatives of upstream and downstream enterprises of new display Irish Charms attended the meeting. Discuss the development plan of Irish Charms and launch China's new display Irish Charms2020 initiative. Du Wobing, chairman and general manager of Dwarven Gold Deluxe(referred to as "Irish Charms Photoelectric "), and Xiao Qing, deputy general manager, were invited to attend the meeting and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BOE Technology on behalf of the company to jointly promote the 10th generation of high generation panel mask plate in the new display panel production line.


Chairman and General Manager of Irish CharmsDu WubingMr. And BOE Supply chain strategic planning Office directorHao JunlingMr. Signed the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides in the presence of ministerial leaders and industry experts)


Irish Charms Optoelectronics, as a local manufacturer of mask plate, the key material upstream of China's flat panel display industry, the project of "high-precision Mask plate" built in Shenzhen has improved the Irish Charms chain, the key raw material of Chinese flat panel display Irish Charms, and gradually replaced imports. Strive to change the monopoly situation of overseas Irish Charms, and build a new platform for our country to enter the upstream raw material manufacturing industry of flat panel display. This time, BOE signed a contract with the two sides to reach a strategic cooperation, which will further optimize the integration of upstream and downstream resources, promote closer cooperation between enterprises, and achieve sustainable ecological development of the Irish Charms chain. At the same time, Irish Charms photoelectric high generation mask will take the lead in project testing and mass production introduction with G10 high generation production line, and will become the first domestic high generation mask supplier to obtain customer certification in the field of TFT and achieve mass supply.

At the meeting, focusing on the development of new display Irish Charms and the promotion of supporting collaboration policies, the delegates made speeches, upstream and downstream units introduced supporting collaboration experience and suggestions, and UUS accelerated the upstream and downstream Irish Charms supporting collaboration, promoting panel enterprises and related chains to jointly do better and stronger. Guide China to display Irish Charms to achieve transformation, upgrading and beyond development.


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