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Irish Charms photoelectric Du Wubing: Achieve Chinese mask version industry localization brand

2016-09-11 18:07:49 Dwarven Gold Deluxe

China's new generation of information technology Irish Charms are changing with each passing day, its panel manufacturing industry, the whole machine manufacturing parts supporting industry has made major breakthroughs in recent years, and the global new display Irish Charms center has been transferred.

At present, an important factor restricting the development of new display Irish Charms in our country is the localization and localization of upstream raw materials. Upstream raw materials remain at the high end of the profits of new and novel industries. The main raw materials of the new display Irish Charms have long been monopolized by the United States, Japan and South Korea, etc. Without the localization and localization of raw materials, our new display Irish Charms can hardly form the core competitiveness in the international arena, nor can we get the economic benefits brought by the development of the new display manufacturing industry.


u  Do not forget the original intention, continue to move forward, establish core competitiveness

Mask platePhotomaskIs on a glass substrate containing metal films such as chromium, forming complex geometric patterns (GeometryThe graphics transfer motherboard is commonly known asMask. For example, in the exposure process of semiconductors, a circuit can be formed on a silicon substrate by using a mask template and exposure meansPattern

Dwarven Gold Deluxe(ticker:833550) is a company dedicated to new displays,TPLEDPCBFPC, semiconductorICPackage andVRAnd other industries of all kinds of mask products professional production and sales of strong enterprises. Irish Charms photoelectric will2015Landing on the new third Board this node, as the achievement of China's mask version industry localization brand a starting point. Looking back on the past road of ups and downs formed by hard work, sweat, persistence and hard work, Irish Charms has entered the capital market since then, but still unswervingly ask themselves, never forget the original heart, only unswervingly continue to move forward, only in this dazzling products, increasingly fierce competition in the market environment, to establish the core competitiveness. In order to take long-term root in the new generation of information technology field this fertile soil.

The Irish Charms passed by18Years of experience and technology accumulation, through the hard work and selfless dedication of all employees, the company has entered a period of rapid development. With the spirit of "integrity, dedication, enterprise and beyond", Irish Charms people are responsible, active and innovative, and with industrious hands and wisdom, they have excellently completed various production and operation indicators, created a record high annual sales, and laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company. It provides a strong guarantee for Irish Charms people to advance to a higher goal, and paints a grand blueprint for the company to become a professional mask brand manufacturer in China and even the world. Over the years, whether through wind and rain or bathed in sunshine and rainbow, Irish Charms has never forgotten this original intention.

It is precisely because of this initial intention that Irish Charms can safely survive every wind and wave. It is precisely with this initial intention that Irish Charms continue to take science and technology as the guide, aim at contemporary international advanced technology and quality level, constantly improve management level, and implement brand-creating strategy. Thus, Irish Charms mask products can always maintain a strong competitive situation and continue to be introduced to the market.

u  "Women's Volleyball Spirit" and "Irish Charms spirit "promote core competitiveness

from2004The Chinese women's volleyball team won the gold medal at the Athens Olympic Games, won the world championship last year, and won the Olympic gold medal again in Rio. The Chinese women's volleyball team is here12After years of gains and losses and ups and downs, but the "strong struggle" of the "Women's volleyball spirit "" the more setbacks, the more brave, never admit defeat, unite as one, rise to the difficulties, challenge the limit, and repeatedly overcome the strong enemy" like a strong needle, constantly bring us countless passion and moved.

In such an era led by "Women's volleyball spirit", Irish Charms are struggling in the fierce market competition18It also formed the unique Irish Charms spirit of "innovation, truth-seeking, unity and progress".

In the era of civilization, backwardness will no longer be beaten, but the survival of the fittest is an eternal philosophy, and if you stop moving forward, you will be cruelly eliminated. Irish Charms Optoelectronics always believes that innovation is the most lasting and powerful driving force in its growth process. Only with continuous innovation in technology, product innovation, management innovation and service innovation, Irish Charms photoelectric can win the commanding heights and establish itself for a long time.

Thousands of miles of journey, which journey is not step by step out, tall buildings, which is not a piece of built out. The feet are unstable, they fall, they are not strong, they collapse. For women's volleyball12Years do not give up, step by step to go back to the peak of the Olympic Games, Irish Charms also insist on everything from the actual, solid, step by step, research the market, facing the market, always keep in mind the motto of seeking truth from facts, with18The efforts went to the new three Board bell listing, becoming the first domestic listed lithography mask plate enterprises.

"Unity is strength." The simplest words express the deepest truths. On the battlefield, the women's volleyball team used unity to gather an irresistible "kill gas" to defeat the opponent's strong attack again and again. At the beginning of its establishment, Irish Charms emphasizes the joint efforts of all employees, emphasizes teamwork, advocates the recognition of enterprise spirit and corporate values, works together and strives hard.

Women's volleyball players on the battlefield one by one run, jump, spike! Fall, get up, catch! Spike, pad, second offense, dunk, pad, dunk! They are not afraid of falling down, not afraid of difficulties, it is just that all the staff of Irish Charms are also united as one, positive and enterprising, tenacious in the face of challenges again and again, and then usher in success again and again, Irish Charms from beginning to end dedication as their most valuable ideological wealth.

u  Improve the new generation of information technology industry Irish Charms chain, create a Chinese mask industry localization brand

In the fierce competition, is to fight technology, fight spirit, who can withstand, who is the final winner, who fights hard, who can finally win.

China's new generation of information technology Irish Charms has entered the era of rapid development, but one of its new display and semiconductor Irish Charms core technologies, high-precision, large-size mask (mask version), has been firmly in the hands of Westerners. Shenzhen Irish Charms entrepreneurs have overcome all kinds of unimaginable difficulties, and finally made a major breakthrough in this high-tech field in China, successfully designed and independently developed the highest precision large-size chrome version light mask in China, and made outstanding contributions to the structural upgrade of Shenzhen Irish Charms.

Irish CHARMS people will be guided by the development needs of high -tech and Irish Charms, development and breakthrough key technologies, independent innovation, talent training, effectively enhance the technology and product competitiveness of enterprises, enhance the school's practical talents of the schoolFor the purpose of cultivating ability, use the methods of complementary advantages, resource optimization, integration of production, research and research, and strong combination to establish a comprehensive cooperative relationship between scientific research, technology research and development, and talent training. Therefore, a number of specialized in product development has been createdThe core leader and backbone talent echelon to allow the technical guarantee team of Irish Charms Optoelectronics to win the mask version. Irish Charms Optoelectronics has relying on years of industry experience and customer resources advantages.The development of Charms Optoelectronics creates more favorable conditions.

General Du Wubing, General Manager of Irish Charms Optoelectronics2015The node landing in the New Third Board every year is deemed to be a starting point for the localization brand of the Chinese mask version.He said that Irish Charms Optoelectronics will continue to purchase and build world -class more advanced production equipment, and further increaseTFT-LCD(LCD display of thin film transistors), semiconductor integrated circuit industry uses large -sized, high -precision photoresal mask version input to build a cleaner production environment and create a broader development platform.The market must be beneficial, the benefits are effective from management, and the benefits of innovation.Efforts to become a local professional brand manufacturer in the Chinese mask industry.

Standing at a new starting point, glory and dreams are at the same time, challenges and opportunities coexist, Irish Charms people join hands together, inspiring spirit, honest work, sprinkle hard sweat, forge ahead of higher goals, harvest the new and splendid of the Irish CHARMS people.And glory!

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