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Feel the south of the clouds

2017-10-19 15:54:28 Dwarven Gold Deluxe

Golden autumn9Won the company-level award last year5The famous staff came to the mysterious and beautiful "South of colored clouds" to participate in the passion to experience the great beauty of Yunnan, breathe the essence of heaven and earth, and let the soul elope "Yunan Peak Guanghua tour! We enjoyed the charming scenery of Shangri-La, Yulong Snow Mountain, Cangshan Erhai, felt the ethnic customs of the Tibetan, Naxi and Bai nationalities, and tasted the special food such as yak beef, whole fish banquet, wild mountain fungus. In Lijiang, Dali ancient city slowly appreciate Yunnan multi-ethnic cultural heritage, enjoy "every stream around the house.,The unique style of the ancient city of Jiangnan, and feel the aristocratic life of the minority nationality in the small bridge and the flowing water family.

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