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Talent policy

The company adheres to the purpose of "giving full play to people, people-oriented", to maximize the needs of employees to achieve self-value, so that enterprise goals and employees' personal goals organic combination.

The company has a sound talent training mechanism, work performance evaluation mechanism, ability evaluation mechanism and employee promotion evaluation system, to maintain the effective use of human resources and continuous development of potential, to meet the needs of the company's development of talents.

Talent criteria:

1.      Correct outlook on life, enterprising values, strong sense of responsibility

2.      Outstanding professional quality, unremitting striving spirit

3.      Good control ability, collaborative spirit, creative thinking

4.      Pursuing a perfect attitude towards life

5.      A healthy body

Talent concept:

1.      Make the best use of a man

2.      Common development and shared success

3.      Make good use of existing talents, stabilize key talents, attract urgently needed talents, and reserve future talents.

Employment concept:

1.      Selection criteria: morality as the priority, both virtue and ability.

2.      Principles of employment: Respect for employees, encourage innovation, fully develop the autonomy of employees, encourage employees to work actively in the company, long-term development. Justice, fairness, openness, the almighty, the ordinary let, the mediocre under.

3.      Employee evaluation criteria: performance priority, taking into account attitude and ability.

Career Development:

The company has established a perfect career development channel according to different job series, providing broad work development opportunities for all employees, so that employees at different levels and positions can carry out career planning according to their own abilities and qualities and the company's work needs, so that their potential can be fully tapped and their talents can be fully utilized, and a platform for employees to realize the value of life can be built. Achieve the company and employees to grow and develop together.

Training and development:

The company attaches great importance to human resources training and development, with the goal of "cultivating industry talent benchmark", based on a sound system and career channel as a platform, the company has established a training system that promotes the growth of employees and drives the growth and development of enterprises. The company constantly develops and improves training courses based on competency and career development, provides ample training opportunities and resources for employees, and establishes a training mechanism combining on-the-job learning and part-time training, forming a good learning atmosphere.

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