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Shenzhen Lu Weiguang Electric Co., Ltd.

personnel policy

The company pursues the purpose of "doing its talents and people -oriented" to maximize the need to meet the needs of employees to achieve self -worth, and organically combine the corporate goals and personal goals of employees.

The company has a comprehensive talent training mechanism, work performance assessment mechanism, ability assessment mechanism, and employee promotion evaluation system, maintaining the continuous development of human resources effective use and potential to meet the company's development of talents.

Talent standard:

1.      The correct outlook on life, aggressive values, strong sense of responsibility

2.      Outstanding professional vegetarian, self -improving spiritual fighting spirit

3.      Good control ability, collaboration spirit, creative thinking

4.      Pursuing a perfect life attitude

5.      Healthy body

Talent Concept:

1.      Everyone is doing their best, and people do their best

2.      Common development, successful sharing

3.      Make good use of existing talents, stabilize key talents, attract urgent needs, and reserve future talents.

Employment concept:

1.      Standard for selecting people: focusing on virtue, both virtue and talent

2.      The principle of employment: respecting employees, encouraging innovation, fully developing the autonomy of employees, and encouraging employees to actively work and develop in the company.Justice, fairness, and disclosure, those who are capable, flattened, and mediocre.

3.      Employee assessment criteria: performance priority, taking into account attitude and ability.

Career Development:

The company has established a comprehensive career development channel based on different position series, providing broad job development opportunities for all employees, so that employees of different levels and different positions can be planned according to their own ability quality and company work needs to make potential to fully discover the potential excavation, Talent has been fully exerted to build a platform for employees to realize the value of life, and to achieve joint growth and development of the company and employees.

Training development:

The company attaches great importance to human resources training and development. Based on the "training industry talent benchmark", based on a sound institutional system, the professional channel is the platform to establish a training system that promotes the growth and development of employees.The company has continuously developed and improved training courses based on victorious capabilities and career development, providing employees with sufficient training opportunities and resources, and established a training mechanism combining the combination of on -the -job learning and amateur training, forming a good learning atmosphere.

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