Dwarven Gold Deluxe

Technical service

Handling Service

Irish Charms is the R&D and supplier of large-size mask in China. In order to respond to the needs of customers, the company for the use of mask version, in different forms to provide our customers more secure and more effective use of mask products.

Handling precautions, unpacking precautions, Precautions for taking, cleaning, use, storage,PelliclePoints to note.

Cleaning service(Cleaning Service)

For customers, the mask version may be contaminated during use, and Irish Charms photoelectric can provide mask repair and cleaning services

Recycling service(Recycle Service)

The mask plates discarded by customers are usually discarded directly. Irish Charms photoelectric and upstream suppliers can recycle and regenerate the discarded mask plates from the perspective of environmental protection and resource saving, which can also reduce the cost burden of the client and protect intellectual property rights

Update service(Remount Service)

Caused by customer use on the mask platePellicleIn case of damage, Irish Charms can provide removal of the damagePellicleService with replacement of new products

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