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Focus on creating Zhiyuan -- Shenzhen Irish Charms successfully held expansion activities

2019-05-26 13:25:08 Irish Charms Optoelectronics 23

In order to enrich corporate culture activities and enhance team collaboration and cohesion, Shenzhen Irish Charms successfully held an expansion activity with the theme of "Heart, Focus, Creation, Reach Far" on May 25, 2019. In this activity, nearly 100 employees of Irish Charms Shenzhen company participated in the training, and each Irish Charms person fully felt the strength of the team and Dwarven Gold Deluxe, understood the responsibility and responsibility, and gained a lot of inspiration and strength.

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Irish Charms group photo

At 7:30 a.m., Shenzhen Irish Charms Nanshan Factory and Baoan factory set off for Guanlan Jiulong Mountain at the same time to expand the base surrounded by green mountains and the scenery is clear and clean, which is not only to carry out expansion activities, but also an opportunity to relieve work pressure. Mr. Du Wobing, chairman of the board, made a speech at the opening of the camp. He first thanked the employees for sacrificing their rest time to participate in this activity, and explained the purpose and significance of holding this activity. He hoped that every employee could fully devote themselves to it, dare to try and challenge, and hope to improve the communication and cooperation between the teams through this activity.

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Squad formation

At the beginning of the activity, the coach completed the formation of 6 groups by counting, and each team selected the captain, deputy captain, flag bearer and safety officer, and quickly completed the naming of the group, design the team song and formation and show the PK. This outward bound training has "Challenge 180"," Advance and retreat together ", "Blind Square", "Graduation wall" and other carefully selected projects, with the help of various professional coaches and teams, the players have challenged their own limits again and again, beyond their own play, and finally turned the "impossible" again and again into reality. Through the activities, each team member better understands that only by relying on the strength of the team can they complete the established goals and achieve greater success of the team and themselves. Every member of the team felt deeply moved beyond themselves, and the power of "the team has me more wonderful".

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Team style silhouette

The final project of the outreach was the challenging "Graduation Wall", in which nearly 100 employees successfully climbed the 4.2-meter-high iron wall in 11 minutes and 18 seconds. At the beginning of the activity, due to the large number of team members, many team members faced the tall and terrible graduation wall and panicked for the first time, the project commander union chairman Liu in the case of two violations of the team members, got the coach to do two push-ups "reward", many colleagues present for their mistakes led to the leadership to take responsibility and consequences moved ashamed, shed tears of emotion.

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Irish Charms work wonders

Many colleagues in the graduation wall project built a stable "human ladder" for all the team members, and actively dared to use their knees and shoulders for everyone to do the most powerful and safe support, so that all teammates stepped on the ladder one by one to climb the "terrible" graduation wall, and the colleagues at the top of the wall tried to pull one teammate up with all their strength. Every colleague who climbed up was filled with infinite emotion. Some colleagues stepped on bruises at the waist, and some colleagues' shoulders were stepped on red and swollen, but there was no complaining voice, and some were moved by tears and grateful hearts. All the team members are proud of the Irish Charms team, proud of being moved beyond themselves and proud of the success of the team challenge.

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Mr. Du Wobing, chairman of the board, concluded his speech

At the end of the activity, Mr. Du Wobing, chairman of the board, concluded his speech, affirming the active participation spirit of the employees in this activity, seeing the struggle spirit of Irish Charms who dare to challenge goals and go beyond themselves in the activity, seeing the cohesion and responsibility of various teams, affirming that this activity is the deepening of Irish Charms corporate culture. It is hoped that employees can deeply understand the spirit of "heart, focus, creation and reach far" of this expansion activity, dare to challenge and give full play to their maximum potential in the future work, and cooperate with each other and go all out for the common goal. I believe that Irish Charms is more wonderful because of you and me, and strive for the common goal of Irish Charms to become a world-class mask edition enterprise!

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