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Quality assurance

Quality policy

Better than in the past, better than your peers, better than customers expect; Product quality is improving year by year and customer satisfaction is getting better year by year. Better than customers expect; Understand customer expectations, realize customer hopes, and make customers satisfied; All quality activities of the company revolve around the quality policy to ensure that the quality policy can be realized.

Quality mechanism

Management representative: responsible for organizing the establishment of the company's quality system, supervising the implementation of the quality system and reporting the operation of the quality system to the top management.

Quality Department: responsible for the overall quality management of the company, on behalf of customers to perform quality control and make commitments to product quality.

Quality System Department: responsible for establishing the company's quality system, maintaining the effective operation of the quality system, and constantly improving the quality system.

Quality Control Department: check whether the process is controlled, monitor the entire production process, promote the process control, and achieve the goal of zero quality defects.

Measurement test Department: responsible for incoming quality control, measurement management(containingMSAAnalysis and research)And product safety performance control.

Quality system

1. Quality system overview

On the basis ofISO/TS16949Technical specification requirements are establishedISO/TS16949Quality system document(Quality manual, procedure document, operation instruction document, form, etc). The Quality System Section of the company's quality Department is responsible for organizing and implementing the quality system requirements. The implementation of the quality system requires the participation of all staff. Through internal quality audit, process audit, product audit, second party and third party audit, find out the problems existing in the system operation process, analyze and rectify, and continuously improve the quality system.

2. Quality system certification status

2.1. passISO9001:2015Quality system certification.

2.2. passISO14001:2015Quality system certification.

Quality control means

1.      Prevention-oriented strategy

1.1. Our company attaches great importance to the advance planning of quality, especially in the analysis of potential failure modes and consequences of products, and formulates corresponding countermeasures through the analysis of potential failure of products, so as to reduce the quality risks of products.

1.2. The main application technologies are:SFMEADFMEAPFMEAAnd the successful experience and failure lessons of similar products in the past.

2.      Zero defect strategy

2.1. realize"Process control"

2.2. Verify the work before doing the job.

2.3. Constantly improve and improve the process ability.

2.4. Through continuous training, improve the overall quality of employees, to the quality of people's work, to ensure product quality.

3.      Customer-centric strategy

3.1. Establish quality control standards according to customer requirements.

3.2. Investigate customer expectations and needs, and take all measures to meet customer requirements.

3.3. Investigate customer satisfaction, analyze the shortage, formulate countermeasures, and gradually improve the quality control means of our company to make customers satisfied.

3.4. Set up quality engineers to provide customers with all-round quality services.

4.      Continuous improvement strategy

4.1. Continuous improvement of product quality.

4.2. Continuous improvement of quality cost.

4.3. Continuous improvement of product delivery.

4.4. Regular evaluation and review of continuous improvement results.

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