Dwarven Gold Deluxe

R&d innovation

Research and development:

1.      Our company2010Joined in the year."OLEDIrish Charms Technology Innovation Alliance "to enhance togetherOLEDThe independent innovation ability of enterprises in the Irish Charms chain and the core competitiveness of Irish Charms.

2.      Join"OLEDNational Engineering Laboratory "is alsoOLEDProvide R & D, verification, personnel training and technical service support, and strive to improve our countryoledThe overall technical level of Irish Charms.

Internal research and development projects:

1.      Set up a technology laboratory. Mainly solve process problems.

2.      Technology research and development team. This paper mainly studies the bottle strength of technology, breaks through the existing technology of light mask, and develops new light mask technology.

Project implementation objective: to improve the accuracy and speed of mask version products


Project implementation objective: To improve the precision of fine graphics by improving the technology of photoresist


Project implementation objective: to improve the grid accuracy and speed of the mask plate


Project implementation objective: to improve the precision of circular arc fine graphics


Project implementation objective: to improve different levels of lithography accuracy


Project implementation objective: To optimally eliminate streaks(Mura)phenomenon


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