Dwarven Gold Deluxe

Product application field

  • TFT LCD, OLED, MicroLED and other display panel mask plate;

  • TP touch screen mask plate;

  • OLED, EL, Display mask plate;

  • ICIC bumping Lead Frame photomask;

  • Color STN, STN and TNLCD masks;

  • Mask plate for FPCPCB circuit board;

  • Mask plate for BGA and HDI loading plate;

  • PDPVFD mask plate;

  • Mask plate for MEMS, LED and discrete devices;

  • Various optical devices, photomask plates for optical communication;

  • Mask plates for fine electronic components, including chip inductors, capacitors, resistors and sensors;

  • Various advanced integrated circuit package mask plate;

  • Masks for all kinds of coding.

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